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MARKETINGWERX is a Virtual IDEA, Branding, Social Media and Web Marketing firm with a national reach. Do you need IDEAS with ROI? No pressure, or obligation, let's talk.

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Minneapolis Full Service Marketing

Marketingwerx is a full service virtual marketing solutions company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are a collection of creative directors, designers, copywriters, web application guru's, social media and client advising experts. We've all worked for larger agencies, web firms, or companies at some point. And, we know what it's like being on "your side of the desk" with no thinking time! Leverage our knowledge of 40 different industries and 30 years of experience on a national and global basis. Now, that's a bright idea! More Info>

 Know-how overview:

  • Creative Blueprint Process, (CBP). 
  • Company Growth Strategies. 
  • Shorter Time to Market.
  • Quick Product and Campaign Launches.
  • Social Media Commerce - It's The Next Big Thing!
  • Return-On-Investment in 12-18 Months, in most cases.
  • Experienced Team, Start to Finish.
  • Accountability and Trust.