Everything begins with an idea.

- Earl Nightingale

Samples of our work.

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Bright Work in Identity

Your logo is your brand, and it needs to be simple and consistent since it's the cornerstone for all your marketing communications. 

Our designers have worked with numerous companies over the years from manufacturers, food service, medical and healthcare to bio-tech and service industries. Leverage our experience to help you produce a branding, or re-branding solution to stand apart from your competition.


Latest Branding Projects

NCI Brochure

Rebranding for Laundro-Mat - A division of NCI, Inc.

We were referred to Northern Clearing, Inc. up in Ashland, WI., to help create a new business to wash and clean dirty mats for land clearing and pipleline projects. After researching the market, and understanding the company goals and objectives, our Big Idea was, Laundro-Mat. We created the name, logo, tagline, and all the support marketing materials including a DVD, titled: "Take It To The Mat!"

NCI Brochure

Rebranding for Addy's Room

The owner wanted a new look that really covered her painting and other creative coating expertise. This is still in the Werx.

Rebranding for TRAUST Consulting

TRAUST Consulting hired MarketingWerx to rebrand and reposition their company among the many different Enterprise and BI Consulting firms out there and why TRAUST is different.


The goal was to capture "Business Intelligence" with baseline research, competitive analysis, surveys, phone interviews, and from that BI, we would formulate our strategic marketing plan and tagline. We integrated all of the knowledge we learned to build today's new TRAUST Consulting with the launch of their newly designed corporate website. We are implementing new tactics on a ongoing basis with greater awareness, new lead generation, white papers, PR, and other forms of internet marketing and social media solutions. Check TRAUST out at: http://www.traust.com/

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