Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Our clients are the life and breath of our company. Here are a few corporate brands you will recognize and some movers and shakers on the rise!

Chart Industries, Inc.

Is a leading global manufacturer of standard and custom engineered cryogenic and heat transfer applications. We've worked on a project basis with collateral, global ads and exhibition projects.

Croplan Genetics - Seed:

A division of Land-O-Lakes Companies. This was a new launch in the state of Illinois only, as a test market generating greater awareness on Croplan Genetics "The Answer Plots." We handled market research, surveys, marketing strategies and creative for direct marketing and promotional giveaway's of financial grand prizes at each of 3 locations, and other giveaways, like FREE gas cards to crop producers. Click here for examples

Integra Telecom - Portland, Oregon

Integra Telecom, Prior Lake, MN branch location was planning a new launch for their HDTV service. They needed some quick turnaround and hired MarketingWerx to plan, design and produce all of their directory ads, hardware labels, TV channel guides, sell sheets, instruction booklets and the big party launch invitations. 5-4-3-2-1, BLAST OFF! Click here for examples

Laundro-Mat - A division of NCI, Inc.

We were referred to a Land Clearing company, Northern Clearing, Inc. up in Ashland, WI., to help create a new business to wash and clean dirty mats for land clearing and pipleline projects. After researching the market, and understanding the company goals and objectives, our Big Idea was, Laundro-Mat. We created the name, logo, tagline, and all the support marketing materials including a DVD, titled: "Take It To The Mat!"

The Nycor Group, Minneapolis, MN

When The Nycor Group inquired about a re-branding of their corporate identity, we responded with a futuristic mark that would stand out, like their solutions for connecting people and companies. The right branding makes all the difference in the world! Just ask our clients, or you can see what they say under our testimonial section., Inc.

We are very excited to launch our newly designed re-branding. Tell us what you think?Because we do like to practice what we preach! And, now's never been a better time to reinvent yourself, or plan a new marketing strategy, or campaign launch. We would really welcome the opportunity to help your company, so, please call us today.

Associated Milk Producers, Inc.

Ampi is dairy marketing co-op of 3,200 member farms, and $1.4 billion in sales. Our task was to design, produce and present a new corporate presentation to the dairy farm members.

DCI-Biolafitte - A global branding launch

DCI, Inc., a US manufacturer and Pierre Guerin, Inc., a French manufacturer agreed to a "Joint Venture" together and needed a marketing plan and strategy. Marketingwerx was hired to excute that joint venture and new branding to launch in 30 days at The Interphex show in New York, NY.

The "Big Idea" The Tour de FORCE!

Northern Clearing, Inc. - Ashland, WI

A company on the upswing, NCI is a $100 million company, and they needed a new website to position them for future expansion and sales opportunities. Marketingwerx was hired to design and develop a content managment system, (CMS) website to provide them capacity and updates on the fly.

LeJeune Bolt Company - Minneapolis, MN

LeJeune Bolt Company had an exclusive new Tension Controlled Fastening System and needed to make some noise. Marketingwerx was hired on after completing a survey to the same target audience who was looking for a new user friendly solution. Our idea was creating a new DVD, themed: Locked, Loaded, LeJeune!    Simple as 1-2-3. Our strategy was to have many uses, a leave behind after a face to face meeting, a self mailer and show giveaway to qualified prospects.

Arnold's Equipment - Dealer Website

Located in Sauk Rapids, MN has been a Marketingwerx client since 2001. We just redesigned their dealer website which sells new and used agriculture and light duty construction equipment. The wanted a new look that was simple and different from all of the other "me-too" dealer websites. This one just launched this past August 2010. Click here for example:

Ashland Industries - Trash Rake Division

Ashland Industries, in Ashland, WI., Needed a high quality brochure to promote their Hydro Trash Rake equipment to hydro power plants throughout the US. Ashland Industries is recongnized for over building their equipment so it lasts for years to come. The tagline says it all: "Where STRENGTH meets Function!" Click here for example:

We would be honored to add you to our list of satisfied clients! 

After we complete your project, or campaign launch, we will shed some light on your corporate brand!

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